About MyDonorFamily

The initiators of MyDonorFamily have donor children themselves of the age 6 to 13. Through the years, our children have been curious and wondered if they might have other donor siblings that they don’t know of.

On Facebook, you will find several pages and groups dedicated to connecting donor siblings. However, we personally experienced a need for an alternative where you can trust that sensitive information about yourself, your child and your donor will be kept in a safe environment.

For this reason, we have launched MyDonorFamily - the only donor register in Europe where donor siblings can find each other. We want to create a safe online forum; a closed and secure community where donor siblings can connect and share what’s in their minds and in their hearts. Parents of donor offspring are also very welcome on MyDonorFamily.

With a past in the fertility business, we have extensive knowledge about the donors, fertility treatment in general, and especially, the thoughts and speculations that go through the minds of donor children and their parents about the donor and their genetic half siblings.

We have experienced our own children mirroring themselves in their donor siblings. This has given them a sense of community with others from all around the world. Our children have also gained valuable knowledge about their own genetic identity. We want to give other donor children the opportunity to have the same experience.

When searching for donor siblings it can be necessary to have a lot of patience. Once frozen, donor eggs, embryos, and especially donor sperm can remain viable for many years, with cases of live birth resulting as long as 35 years after freezing. Therefore, you might have donor siblings who are much older or much younger than yourself. It is also possible that some of your donor siblings don’t feel the need to connect with genetic half siblings before well into adulthood. A MyDonorFamily Membership allows you to have an active search for donor siblings for many years. And we will make sure to notify you whenever a new donor sibling is knocking at the door of your donor group.

On MyDonorFamily, you will get: