Our community on MyDonorFamily provides a safe online forum where we help donor offspring and parents with donor children connect with donor offspring of the same donor. On MyDonorFamily these families can meet and share mutual thoughts, information, and experiences - anonymously or non-anonymously.

As a donor offspring or a parent with donor children, you’ll always be welcome in our community, as long as you are kind, honest and respectful. If you choose not to be, your behaviour may lead to immediate termination of your account and membership.

MyDonorFamily reserves the right to periodically review the content you upload and the messages you send within the messaging system to monitor for abuse of our Code of Conduct. We encourage you to report any behaviour that violates our Code of Conduct by email on

Below you find our Code of Conduct


Don’t be fake. Be who you are.

When creating your account, you must enter your own accurate personal details and contact information.

Don’t impersonate another person or otherwise misrepresent your identity or status as a donor offspring/parent who seeks connection with donor families with the same donor.

If you have another agenda, don’t create an account. MyDonorFamily is for donor offspring and their parents only.

Are you from the press/media, a fertility clinic, a sperm bank and seeking information about our network, please contact us on

Be kind and respectful

On MyDonorFamily, we are nice to each other.

We don’t accept condescending or discriminatory content.

Don’t post messages, photos or other content that might cause other members offence, annoyance, anxiety, embarrassment, intimidation or distress. Immoral, obscene, pornographic or radical political content or photos do not belong on MyDonorFamily.

Advertising, spam and computer viruses

Posting or transmitting advertisements, spam e-mails or solicitation of business, non-profit events etc. is prohibited on MyDonorFamily.

Activities that requires any form of payment from our members are not welcome on our site. Don’t use MyDonorFamily to lead people to external websites via a link or otherwise.

Distributing of viruses, uploading of infected software and other malicious or harmful computer codes is strictly forbidden.


Stalking, harassing, or making persistent contact with other Members without their consent or encouragement is strictly prohibited.

Illegal content

Don’t use MyDonorFamily to do anything illegal.

Any content or action on the site that could constitute or encourage to a behaviour that could be considered a criminal act, cause civil liability, or otherwise violate any law is strictly forbidden.

Intellectual property rights

If the material is not yours, don’t post it.

Don’t post any work or content that is copyrighted or trademarked by others, unless you own the rights of the content or have otherwise obtained the necessary consents.

One account per person

Your MyDonorFamily account is personal and cannot be shared with other families.

Additionally, please don’t maintain multiple MyDonorFamily accounts, unless you are a parent with donor children of different donors.

Minimum age

You must be 15 years of age or older to have your own Membership on MyDonorFamily.

Maintaining anonymity

Even though MyDonorFamily must know your identity, you can remain anonymous to the other group members if you want.

On the donor groups of MyDonorFamily (including message boards, etc.) you can meet and interact anonymously under your username with the other members of the group.

If you wish to remain anonymous, please make sure that you choose a username and a profile photo that doesn’t reveal your identity. Be aware that once you upload, post or publish content in the donor group, including photos, it becomes accessible to all current and future members of the group.

In general, think carefully about which personal information you disclose about yourself (or others) on the public areas of MyDonorFamily.

Respect your donor

The donor has given you one of the greatest gifts you can ever give. Please respect the donor’s privacy. Do not reveal the donor’s identity or other information that could reveal his/her identity on MyDonorFamily.

In general, please comply with the terms regarding ID-release/No-ID-release, Contact/Non-Contact, age limits etc. in the agreement with the sperm/egg bank or clinic that may apply to the fertility treatment with your donor. These terms reflect the conditions on which your donor has made the donation.

Information about others

Please respect the privacy of others.

Don´t post any personal information or photos of others unless you have their permission. If you wish to post personal information or photos of minors or underage children, make sure you have the direct consent of their parent or guardian first.

It is your responsibility to obtain a legal consent from others before you post any information or photos of them - and to remove all information or photos if the consent is later withdrawn.

You must treat messages from other members and information received via or in relation to the Service confidentially, and you must not disclose the messages and information to third parties without the consent of the sender or serious cause.